Hotel Octant Vila Monte - Algarve

A white and turquoise vacation with a Greek feel

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Arriving at the Octant Vila Monte feels like taking an instant-and-effective anti-stress pill. And it doesn't need a prescription.

This is a very well-designed hotel, and you can instantly tell by its spacious and welcoming entrance, already smelling of vacation.
Once you're on your way to the room, you'll get a whiff of what everything else is all about. There are many different areas, and you will definitely want to dedicate some time to explore them.

Entrance of the Octant Vila Monte Hotel in Algarve, Portugal

Some of the hotel's colours and materials transport you to a holiday in Greece, especially the bedrooms — you can almost feel part of a Mamma Mia movie. And talking of Maryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan, the hotel is very romantic. Perfect for a couple who needs to spend a good and relaxing time together. But it is also ideal for families; there is even a specific swimming pool where children can be noisy and free, and another one where only adults can sink into a chair, sunbathe, read and drink a cocktail.


Watch out for the bees on the grass by the pool. Flip-flops are your friends.

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There are plenty of things to do in and out of the hotel.

You can join one of the daily activities such as yoga, cinema nights or workshops, organize a picnic by the beautiful lake, or go by boat to a desert island. If you're in a lazy mood, simply find a hammock, lay down and listen to the birds.

Sunloungers of the Octant Vila Monte Hotel in Algarve, Portugal

Because no one ever said that the world is a perfect place, the Octant Vila Monte isn't either. The restaurant À Terra promises more than delivers. The food is not particularly good and doesn't match the rest of the experience. But breakfast is good, and the view makes up for it.

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