Jardim da Estrela Park - Lisbon

A green oasis inside historic Lisbon

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Behind its imposing cast-iron gates, you will find one of Lisbon’s most charming and magical neighbourhood parks.

Jardim da Estrela is very easy to include into your itinerary because of its ideal location. It's in easy walking distance from the lively district of Bairro Alto and close to the trendy residential neighbourhood of Campo de Ourique, which in itself is worth a visit.

The beautiful baroque Basílica da Estrela is literally opposite the park’s main entrance, and it is precisely this closeness to beautiful historic surroundings that make it so unique. Regular glimpses of the basilica’s beautiful facade accompany you on your stroll through the perfectly landscaped gardens.

Basilica da Estrela from the park in Lisbon Portugal

Jardim da Estrela is a real neighbourhood park popular with local families and foreign visitors alike. In summer and on the weekend the place is buzzing with all kinds of people: kids learning to ride bikes, skateboarding teenagers using the music grandstand to show off their acrobatic skills, old folks enthusiastically playing games, young folks bending into impossible yoga shapes, singles pretending to read books while people-watching, exhausted tourists resting on the many benches reflecting on the beauty of Lisbon and families generally having a good time on the lawns. You really feel like you are part of the city’s authentic soul.


Find the cacti with people's messages carved into it. Take a selfie in front and publish on Instagram using hashtag: #cultouristachallenge.

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The park was opened in the middle of the 19th century, beautifully landscaped according to the time’s typical design. Over the years it has become more jungle-like. Nature seems to win the battle against the perfectly shaped, more disciplined vision of the original landscape designer. An ornate music grandstand hosts jazz concerts in summer. Bizarre sculptures seem to smile at life’s craziness. Little ponds provide a home to lazy ducks and two small cafés with outside terraces invite visitors to stay for one more drink. The park features loads of useful facilities such as picnic tables and a playground.

28 tram by the Jardim da Estrela park in Lisbon Portugal

Arrive in style. A tram stop of the popular number 28 tram is right in front of the main gate.

Eat the tradition:

One of Portugal's traditions is selling freshly roasted chestnuts all around the city during autumn and winter. Follow the mist, and you will find a stand right outside the main gate. They are delicious and a perfect snack while you rest in the park.

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