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When passion and creativity come together, great food happens

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NUMA is a culinary gem in Portimão that serves sophisticated, beautifully presented food of the highest standard.

Chef Nuno Martins always tries to have a little chat with the guests describing the ideas behind the many wonderful dishes. His passion for food, seasonal ingredients and culinary creativity explain why every course is more delicious than the previous. NUMA undoubtedly deserves a Michelin star and will get one soon.

Choose a classic

The menu of NUMA changes according to the seasons but some classics remain all year. Have one of those as they are sensational.

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A culinary project with a vision: using sustainability as a driver for innovation.

Chef Nuno and his wife Manuela — actually, the name NUMA comes from the first letters of their names combined — created this project with a clear goal of interpreting traditional Portuguese cuisine in unexpected and delightful new directions. But always with the main vision in mind: to avoid food waste. They use as much of each ingredient as possible, which further fuels the Chef's creativity.

There are some dishes which already achieved the 0% waste target, others are on their way. A good example is butter infused with powder created from the octopus' heads. Every day is a new challenge for Chef Nuno and it's fair to say is cooking is like an art form, transforming different ingredients into different states and re-using them in a fun way.

Our fav:


Variety of bread, special butters, olive oil, salt and a surprise item


Beef tartare, oyster mayonnaise, red onion and chips


With red pepper risotto, eggplant, onion and lemon

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Av. Miguel Bombarda 17, 8500-299, Portimão


(+351) 282 432 454

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