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Enter A Vida Portuguesa and prepare to be charmed by a carefully curated selection of products that encapsulate Portuguese culture. It's like being taken back to a time when craftsmanship, quality and a certain visual naivety were the norms.

It is clear that the concept of the A Vida Portuguesa shops is driven by a unifying manifesto: a celebration of portuguese culture through the products produced all around Portugal. A search for goods and brands that have stood the test of time. Objects that are produced with quality in mind. The end result is a shop that invokes early childhood memories of the excitement you felt when entering a toy store or a candy shop. Your senses heightened by visually rich sights and pleasant smells of products of all shapes and sizes. You will find all unique everyday products, rescued from the memory of the country. A careful selection of jewellery, embroidery, ceramics, aluminium, toiletries, stationery, books, toys, plus a wide range of cleaning products, food and drink. The collection is pretty eclectic and it is this broad range of products on offer that encourage you to browse and discover for ages.

In the perfect places

A Vida Portuguesa has two locations in Lisbon. One in the heart of Chiado in the middle of beautiful old Lisbon. The other in the newly developed Intendente neighbourhood. Both are definitely worth including into your itinerary.

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The first A Vida Portuguesa shop opened in June 2007 in the heart of the Chiado neighbourhood, occupying the centennial and extraordinary space of the old warehouse and perfume factory David & David. The old signs saying gabinete (office) and armazém (storage), the beautiful glass cabinets, the wood paneling and jars of powder left behind remind you of a time gone by.

While the shop might appear to be aimed at Portugal-loving tourists, it is actually frequented by present-hunting locals especially around Christmas time. It has to be said the products sold here are not cheap but you pay for quality. One great example are the ceramics of Bordallo Pinheiro (Vista Alegre) sold here. Every household in Portugal has at least one piece of these iconic ceramics in the kitchen cabinet. If you like design, quality craftsmanship and the nostalgia of olden-day packaging, you will love A Vida Portuguesa.

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Useful info:

Visit the shop website:

Address Chiado shop:

R. Anchieta 11, 1200-023 Lisboa

(+351) 213 465 073

Address Intendente shop:

Largo do Intendente Pina Manique 23, 1100-285 Lisboa

(+351) 211 974 512

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