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Most people rush to the beach to get a good tan, but the visual impact of the coastal landscapes could be part of a Holywood movie featuring cliffs, caves, natural arches and secret beaches.

Do you know those pictures we only see on postcards or computer wallpapers? That’s it. Right there, in ‘Ponta da Piedade’ in Lagos. Light-blue water, almost transparent in some places, and fascinating rocks create hidden places anyone will want to get to.

Rocks and boats in Lagos coastline, Algarve

As in the best places on the Algarve coast, Lagos has several companies everywhere selling boat tours or renting kayaks and stand-up paddles. In some places like this, renting a kayak to feel more connected with the sea and being able to decide your direction is very worth it. But in this case — for a really unique experience — get a Grotto Pioneer boat at "Ponta da Piedade". The way you get into it is already spectacular, through steep stairs going down the rocks. Once you get down there, locals will be waiting to drive you on a private boat for about half an hour. Each adult ticket is 20€, and the children's is 10€. If you're not comfortable physically, you should avoid this option and join another tour.

Stairs to the boat in Lagos coastline, Algarve

You'll go in and out of the caverns and caves and explore every little secret corner. There is always doubt in the air about whether the boat will fit through certain holes, but it always does. After all, the "captains" know exactly how to use the speed and the waves in their favour. If you catch a driver in a good mood, he might tell you the names they came up with for different rocks forming shapes like Michael Jackson's face, elephants or a living room.

Boat in Lagos coastline in Algarve, Portugal

At the end of the journey, you cry for more. It's never enough the time spent exploring the beauties this coastline has to give.

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If you prefer to remain on solid ground there is another way to explore this part of the coastline.

A pedestrian path with a well-built wooden walkway joins 'Ponta da Piedade' to the "Praia da Luz" beach. A 6.5km walk on top of the rocks or 44 km to "Cabo de S. Vicente" for the most courageous hikers. This trail is suitable for children and less physically-prepared people.

Walk in Lagos coastline in Algarve, Portugal

Every corner of this walk makes you "wow" out loud. The colours of the sea and the sky, the boats appearing and disappearing between the rocks, the waves kissing the white sand that smiles at us. It's just incredible. You'll be tempted to get out of the official path and escape under the bars to check the landscape closer — no judgements.

A rock in Lagos coastline in Algarve, Portugal

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