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In a region where meals are heavy, and the main ingredient is meat, Alma Lusa breaks the tradition — and does it very well.

Contemporary, cosy, and light. No sausages, no steaks, and no huge oversized doses. Alma Lusa has a small menu and mainly serves tapas-and-brunch in a well-designed environment. Especially when compared with most restaurants in the region which are traditionally more rustic and less focused on design, but on food, this one was thought about with love. It's located right in the main pedestrian street in town. The locals love it and recommend it. Heavily.

Terrace of the restaurant Alma Lusa in Bragança, Portugal

Beyond excellent food, Alma Lusa also sells some lovely handmade pieces such as pottery and decorative items. Inside you can sit on tables suitable for couples or families. And outside it has a little terrace — nice and clean.


Consider this place even just for a coffee and a snack. They have fantastic cakes worth trying if you have a sweet tooth.

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During the week the menu has some main dishes, including vegetarian. On the weekends, between 11am to 3pm, the main thing you will find is crostinis: small toasted bread with ingredients on top. But if you are thinking about the regular-dry-toasts-without-that-much-flavour, don't. Because Alma Lusa sells probably the best crostinis in Portugal, and so well presented. Each dish brings three toasts, so we recommend about three dishes per couple.

And the best news? The price. The most expensive main dish is €9.50, and the crostinis are around €3,50 per dish.

Note: Alma Lusa is closed on Tuesdays.

Our fav:

Crostini mozzarella and broccoli
Toasted bread with melted mozzarella and broccoli on top.

Mushroom and egg "Ramequim"
Little oven-baked pot with an egg in mushroom sauce.

Banoffee Pie
Pie with banana and caramel sauce with chantilly on top.

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Useful info:


Rua Alexandre Herculano, 74 R/C, 5300-075, Bragança


(+351) 273 095 035

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