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Escape into a lill world full of good vibes

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If you're in Porto, Rota do Chá is a must for a brunch, lunch or tea — whether it's summer or winter.

You know you're arriving at a special place as soon as you get in. The more you go down the hall to the back and explore, the more you feel yourself moving away from reality. You're transported to an Asia-inspired eclectic world, like a holiday within your holiday.

The back garden is the highlight where you instantly breathe relaxation and good vibes. There is a lot of green all around, different-sized wood tables, buddha statues, an orange tree and loads of colours and textures — a welcoming place with so many cute corners that you will leave you undecided where to sit. But wherever you choose, you will have a good time.


Whatever happens, order the "Tarte de Caramelo" if available on the menu. You're welcome.

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Foodwise, the brunch and lunch menu changes often but always offers healthy and good quality options alongside their famous teas. Some desserts are not on the healthy side, but they are definitely worth a pause on any diet. In winter, all you will want is a scone with jam and a hot chocolate while enjoying the environment around. No matter what you eat or drink, all the details will make you feel at home — from how the food is served to the cute little packages that contain the cutlery.

A main dish at Rota do Cha cafe in Porto, Portugal

If it's too cold or full or you're fancying a more cosy option, choose the indoor space. When you look upstairs and start to wonder if you're supposed to get in, the answer is yes. Go ahead and explore the rooms full of soul. The wood floors, high ceilings, decoration and even the fireplace, will make you feel like you are in someone's apartment. Make yourself comfortable and sit wherever you like. Rota do Chá has this magic of making it seem like time stops.

In terms of price, you won't spend more than 20€ per person in the worst case.

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Before you leave, don't skip the shop if you are a tea lover. "Rota do Chá" means the tea route, so you are in the right place to buy some quality tea. They don't take up much space in the suitcase, and it is the way to bring home a little bit of the good vibes of Rota do Chá.

Useful info:


Rua de Miguel Bombarda, 457, 4050-378, Porto


(+351) 220 136 726