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If you read Jack Kerouac's Open Road, this is how we imagined it. But in Portugal. And smaller.

M1109 is in Alentejo's coastline and connects the city of Sines and the small village of Porto Covo. It has around 10km, and it's roughly 1h45 minutes by car from both Lisbon and Lagos.

Map showing road M1109 Sines and Porto Covo in Alentejo Portugal

It's in summer that it has all its sparkle — and its straightness, colours and surroundings give you that Kerouac feeling — the feeling of freedom — where you can almost smell the colours and see the smell.

If you go by car, drive slowly and open your windows. And if you go by bike, even better — there is plenty to explore and great spots to take pictures your friends and family will envy (in a good way!).


If you're exploring Alentejo, it's relatively easy to miss the M1109 as there are other possibilities, and the GPS is more likely to bring you through a more direct route. All you need to do is make sure you go as close to the ocean as possible.

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On one side is the ocean and almost twenty small beaches — each of them with a better twist: caves, secret steep-access-stairs, paths, natural pools and incredible landscapes of rocks framing the sand — proper movie-like scenarios. Take your time to walk around.

On the other side, there is... nothing. A field, a beautiful yellow-brownish field. And how beautiful nothing looks. But if you pay attention, in the empty landscape, you'll find the second-best thing of the M1109: horses and very curious and friendly ostriches. They are situated on a farm, in front of Praia da Samoqueira. And as soon as you get closer, they will come to say hello and pose for a picture.

Right next to it, in case you're into nudism, you can find Praia do Salto. That's the place to go.

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Road M1109

Praia da Samoqueira:

7520, Porto Covo

Praia do Salto:

7520-437, Porto Covo

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