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On the top of the Algarve

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Going up the Serra de Monchique is an inspiring experience. It’s the highest point of the Algarve, 902 meters above sea level.

From the Algarve, you can drive the national road N266 up towards Monchique. You will pass “Caldas de Monchique”, which is probably worth a visit in its own right, and press on towards Monchique. Even more beautiful is the road N267 from Aljezur, tunnel-shaped by trees with incredible views over the hills. Once at Monchique, you have to follow the signs to Foia (N266-3). On the way, there are some great restaurants such as “Jardim de Oliveira” and “A Rampa”. The latter is now more touristic than it used to be but still serves an excellent chicken piri-piri. As you continue, you will pass a viewpoint called “Miradouro da Fonte Santa”, which offers a fantastic view — but it will get way better.

Map of Portugal showing Monchique, Aljezur and Portimão Algarve

You should open the windows and feel the very characteristic perfume from Portugal — the smell of wood and heat. The wind makes the trees dance all the way.

Restaurant at Foia Monchique Algarve

When you arrive in Foia, don’t be put off by the military radar station and the touristic restaurant and gift shop — this is all about the views. You will instantly feel that child-like sensation of wanting to see everything at once: West, East, South and North — and you can see it all. Enjoy an overview of Portugal like you’re floating above a real-sized map.


Drink a coffee or a Sagres Mini at the little campervan called “Alecrim”. The landscape transmits you a like-in-the-movies feel. Enjoy your time, breathe the air and wait for the light to change and for the yellow and orange layers to form on the horizon, just like a computer wallpaper.

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Wait until sunset. You won't regret it.

At the end of June, the sun sets around 8pm. Leave Foia on time and drive on the service-road that takes you to the wind-farms. The drive, the view, the sound of the cowbells ringing, the air... It’s just like living in a road-trip-movie. And if you’re lucky, you will have it for yourself. If you’re travelling in a campervan, that’s a great place to stay overnight.

Map of Foia Monchique Algarve viewpoint Fonte Santa and service road

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