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Three in one: a viewpoint, urban art and a park

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Miradouro da Graça presents Lisbon from a different angle, overlooking the castle, the 25 de Abril bridge and many roofs and lives.

Enjoying this view brings you back to those childhood books in which tiny figures had to be found in chaotic city landscapes — and you can almost see them peeking behind orange roofs, standing in narrow neighbourhood streets or hiding behind the castle wall.

The viewpoint is the heart of Graça: a very typical Lisbon area where it feels life goes slower. Resident families walk their dogs, play with their children and take their time to sit on the benches enjoying life passing by; or going to the Graça church on Sunday, right behind it. If you're lucky you might be able to listen some street music. Of course, there are tourists, but the real Lisbon feel doesn't get lost.

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Usually, there is a lovely terrace where you can enjoy the view while drinking a nice Portuguese beer. And if you have time, it is worth exploring a bit more.

If you look down from the viewpoint, you will see that the road going down is an authentic graffiti art gallery. Walk through it, and enjoy the narrow stairway with

clothes drying on the windows — something very Portuguese. Now and then, you might listen to the locals inside their homes talking or watching TV. If you keep following the graffitis you will find a park on the right-hand side.

Walkt towards the viewpoint Graça in Lisbon

You can expect to find couples and groups of locals playing the guitar or having some drinks on the grass. And if you're travelling with children, there is a little playground for them as well. It's a cool spot to have a more chilled-out afternoon while absorbing the city from above.

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